Sunday Morning Blues

As I sit here on an early Sunday morning in January, my mind tosses and turns, thinking about the many other things I could be doing. My mind would tell me to substitute could for should, reminding me that someone else out there might be “hitting the gym” early, sharpening their skills at becoming the next great somebody. But as I meditate on that humbling fact, I’m also drawn to the definition of success. I am sure that most of us have heard, from an early age that “the early bird gets the worm” or “the price of success is hard work” or “no sacrifice, no victory” etc. (I don’t mean to quote an endless world of quotes about hard work).

By poking fun at this mindset, in no way am I suggesting the road to success is the opposite; a healthy dose of natural ease with a dash of endless indulgence. What I hope to do, is examine what success really means. Is success, simply, the reward for working hard, eventually leading to an easy life? Or is success something different?

Before we get too far into the rabbit hole of “defining success,” a topic, upon which, volumes upon volumes have already been written, I’d urge us all to mull over that question for a while. What does success really mean? And especially, what does success mean to me and what I want to do?

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